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Elsa’s Ice Palace Valentine Collection Box January 22, 2015

 Elsa’s Ice Palace Valentine Collection Box

from Disney’s Frozen Movie

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This year my daughter Arianna decided on Elsa’s Ice Palace for her Valentine Box. She has loved the movie since we seen it in December and the love for the movie is still strong so really choosing Frozen for er theme wasn’t a surprise.

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First things first, you need a box. I didn’t have any shoe boxes in the house so i had to buy one.

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I found the perfect blue wrapping paper to cover the box with.

new 044 new 045

Wrap the box as you would a present. Easy!

I did decide to cover the opening and cut a new one on the top instead.

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When I went shopping, I looked for snow flake stickers to match the palace color. I also found beautiful silver glitter paper.

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Arianna wanted the stairs to shimmer so we ended up using the glitter paper for that which was really only intended for the palace towers and icicles. Great idea by her, right?!

new 048

We used her coloring book cover for inspiration. Here you can see the stairs leading up to the door. That’s where the idea came from…oh, and the stickers of the characters she placed in the scene on the box came inside the coloring book. All her ideas.

new 049 new 050 new 052 new 053

These cute little cotton balls were perfect to create a snow scene.

new 054 new 055

I wrapped the paper towel card board rolls with the wrapping paper while she was gluing. Then I had to hot glue the tops so I had Arianna pinch them while it dried.

new 056 new 057 new 058

Using the remaining paper I cut them and shaped them to create the tops of the towers. Once everything dried, I hot glued the two towers onto the box.

 new 060 new 061 new 062 new 063 new 064

I think it looks wonderful. It’s not perfect and that’s what’s perfect about it. Arianna did all the cutting, sticker placement and gluing (accept the hot gluing). Afterall, it is her project and not mine.

new 065 new 066

I did help with the icicle cutting. I think she was getting tired at this point.

new 067 new 068 new 069

We glued on the icicles at the tops of the towers and then she place the letter stickers for her name.

There it is…Elsa’s Palace through Arianna’s eyes.

Happy Valentine,



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